We are looking for a couple more High-End Designers


Over 90% of our business is custom window, bed and table treatments that are fabricated for Interior Designers who use our services. The other 10% is wedding dresses, evening gowns, reproductions and specialty alterations.  We have found that the detailed sewing needed for wedding/evening gowns, reproductions and the problem solving needed for the specialty alterations has greatly enhanced our ability to provide a higher quality of service and final product for our designers.  

  • We use the Park Hill system for our swags resulting in Gorgeous uniform swags and tails.
  •  We fabricate not only your typical styles of valances, but will also customize them for you. We have added pleats for added fullness      in Empires and developed more casual Kingstons using 3 pleats instead of five as an example.


  • We can make alterations to your client's previously fabricated treatments. Ex. Add slits to bed skirts, lengthen or shorten treatments, dog-ear box pleats, etc.
  • We can use just about anything as a fabric source, Ex. We can create a duvet cover out of your client's grandmother's hand made quilt.
  • We can add a variety of embellishments: Trims, cords, welting, English Smocking, hand knitted tab cuffs,embroidery, x-stitch, appliques, etc.  
  • Your clients will love our asymmetric swag.
  • We provide lining, interlinings, light dimming interlining, and various blackout linings.



  • Along with panels and valances, we regularly fabricate      decorative throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, crib accessories,      various types of shades, a variety of decorative pillow shams, framed      interior awning and interior awnings mounted with baby oval rods, table      runners, table skirts, bed skirts including those for "impossible      frames," hourglass shaped side light panels, vanity skirts, and chair      cushions.
  • We regularly ship out of state, as a result, we are      proficient at creating window valances that will be pieced together on      site to look like one continuous treatment.  




We would love to assist you in making your designs and your client's dreams a reality.